The National Accreditation Board (NAB) of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been established by the Further and Higher Education (Accreditation) Act Nos. 35 of 2006. The NAB is empowered by the Act to register and accredit tertiary level institutions and their programmes. The NAB is equally empowered to deregister or cause the closure of any institution that operates outside the provisions of The Further and Higher Education (Accreditation) Act.

The Accreditation Act permits the following to sit on the NAB: 

(a) Chief Education Officer
(b) Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education;
(c) a representative from each of the following professional associations or bodies: 
-Bar Association
-Medical Association

(d) the Director of the Community College or Nominee;
(e) the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health; or Nominee
(f) a representative from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
(g) the Attorney General or Nominee
(h) the Chief Personnel Officer or Nominee;
(i) a representative of the Technical and Vocational Sector;
(j) the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Planning or Nominee;
(k) a representative of the Workers’ Institute for Education and Research or any similar body;
(l) a representative of the National Training Agency;
(m) not more than three persons nominated by the Cabinet from among persons with expertise in higher education, business and personnel management or training. 

The Accreditation Unit serves as the secretariat of the NAB. The AU is currently headed by Mrs. Descima Hamilton.  The other officers assigned to the Accreditation Unit include, Ms. Desiree Robinson, Ms. Jonelle O’Garro, Ms. Delisse Charles and Mr. Kala Henry.  However, the functioning of the Accreditation Unit is enabled by a number of External Evaluators.  Additionally, the staff at the Accreditation Unit has been given intimate support by other Senior Officers in the Ministry of Education.  Their support allows the AU/ NAB to more readily meet the needs of the public. The Officers are:

  • Director of the National Qualifications Department – Mr. Dwight Lewis
  • Quality Assurance Officer – Ms. Edlena Adams
  • Research Officer - Mr. Dixton Findlay
  • Project Officer II - Mr. Timothy Scott  
  • Education Officer - Dr. Idelia Ferdinand
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