The National Accreditation Board / Accreditation Unit had a very busy quality assuring week during the period Monday 11th – Friday 15th November 2019. There were signs of increase demands for the verification of the credentials process, participating in a Career Fair and a planned site visit at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College all colluded to ensure a fully focused Accreditation Unit work team.

The Unit has been unofficially advised that the call for the submission of applications for the selection to the internship of the Support and Educational Training (SET) programme has been made. The Unit has observed a steady increase in the number of persons seeking to use the verification process. The team at the Accreditation unit has begun the necessary preparations to respond to the increase demand.


Thursday 14th November was particularly busy for the NAB/AU. The NAB / AU participated in a School Career Fair organised by the Management of the Dr. J. P. Eustace Memorial Secondary School. The two officers representing the NAB / AU were Ms. Niasha Stapleton and Mr. Kala Henry. The officers had the opportunity to disseminate literature to the students, members of staff as well as to persons who were hosting other booths. The literature covered

Left to right Ms. Nisha Stapleton, Mr. Kala Henry

areas such as diploma mills, accreditation mills as well as Facts about Fraud – with respect to credentials.


On Thursday as well, a team of Evaluators under the auspices of the NAB visited the SVGCC for a scheduled site visit. The Evaluators were able to conduct five interviews. The report on the visit will be submitted to the management of the SVGCC. 

Evaluators serving with the National Accreditation Board – left to right, Mr. Endall Johnson, Mrs. Desiree Richards (an observer), Dr. Idelia Ferdinand and Mr. Bertillon Hamilton

Deputy Dean and Dean of the Division of Arts Science and General Studies (DASGS) Mr. Dwight De Freitas and Mr. Maxwell Fergus takes questions from the Evaluators (left to right back).

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